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We offer
Cloud Foundations

Lay the groundwork for your cloud journey with a solid foundation. Our experts provide tailored support to evaluate vendors, plan projects effectively and design landing zones and blueprints aligned with your business goals. Trust us to ensure that your cloud foundation is not only robust but also scalable and adaptable to future needs.

Vendor Evaluation

Selecting the right cloud vendor is paramount. We assist in evaluating various providers, comparing features, pricing and compatibility to make informed decisions tailored to your needs. With our guidance, you can confidently choose the vendor that best aligns with your organization's objectives and requirements.

Cloud Initializing & Project Planning

Kickstart your cloud initiatives with precision and clarity. We offer strategic guidance and meticulous project planning to define objectives, timelines and resource requirements, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud. With our experience across different stages of cloud evolution, we provide guidance not only from a project management perspective but also in team role development and the whole array of technical considerations. Let us help you create a comprehensive roadmap that minimizes risks and maximizes the value of your cloud investments.

Landing Zone & Blueprints

Establish secure and scalable landing zones tailored to your requirements. Our team designs comprehensive blueprints per domain (storage, computing, network,..) and architectural frameworks (AZ Management Groups / AWS Organizations Domain Connection), providing a solid foundation for your cloud environment's growth. Rely on our expertise to implement best practices and optimize your landing zones for performance, security and cost-effectiveness.

Core-Infrastructure & Tool Integration

Seamlessly integrate core infrastructure components and essential tools like AD FS, BYOK-Encryption, onPremise Endpoint-Routings, Azure Stacks, Arc or AWS Outposts into your cloud environment. We optimize resource allocation, streamline workflows and maximize efficiency to enhance your cloud infrastructure. Count on us to handle the complexities of integration, ensuring that your cloud environment operates seamlessly and efficiently.

Enterprise Foundations

Build robust enterprise foundations to support your long-term cloud strategy at scale. From technical aspects like network, governance and security via cloud native and DevOps to strategic cloud management (e.g. Roadmap, CCoE, Exit, Compliance, FinOps, Vendor-Management,..), we provide the groundwork for sustainable growth. Partner with us to establish a solid framework that enables agility, scalability and security across your cloud operations.

Accelerate your
Cloud Journey

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