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Explore our past projects across diverse industries and technologies. Discover project requirements, goals, stakeholders, various roles we've undertaken and their final outcomes.

Black sports car

Automotive OEM

Big Data Domain Architecture 


A renewal of the entire Big Data domain was promoted. While focusing on state-of-the-art services, we adhered to best practices and consistently prioritized delivering the greatest value to the end customer. The goal was to establish a standardized technology stack across teams, uniting them, migrating existing systems, harmonizing software architectures, consolidating responsibilities and ultimately enabling an improved customer experience via a self-service portal.

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Swiss Bank

Cloud (Security) Foundation


Following an evaluation phase, it was decided to set up a FINMA-compliant cloud foundation at enterprise level with Amazon WebServices (AWS). This initiative entails various tasks including project planning, evaluation of various services, establishing the foundational infrastructure and addressing a broad range of security aspects, services and frameworks to ensure holistic reliability, compliance and robustness.

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Swiss Insurance

Cloud Foundation

The insurance company sought to realign its focus towards integrating cloud hyperscalers (Azure). To achieve this a comprehensive cloud strategy needed to be developed, an appropriate organizational structure established and a framework for evaluating on-premise workloads devised. Additionally, initiatives were implemented to empower employees through self-directed learning, introduce and compare cloud services and solicit architectural proposals.

Highway traffic long exposure

Automotive OEM

Data Mesh Cloud Architecture


A new distributed and scalable solution was required to facilitate worldwide data product creation (Data Mesh). Its architecture needed to be designed, subsystems migrated and integration with existing peripheral systems established - all made accessible via Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Additionally, automating release, documentation and access processes were essential. Lastly, promoting the new platform and enabling its utilization by international teams was necessary.

Swiss IT Provider

Cloud Platform Insurances


In order to successfully implement the new health insurance platform (private cloud) for the service provider and onboard its first customer, a series of tasks were required. These included migrating applications, optimizing processes and providing new systems. It entailed developing solution concepts, adhering to regulations, managing software suppliers and conducting deployments in direct collaboration with the customer.

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